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Washing Instructions for Fabrics

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  January 10, 2014

Although it is a personal decision to prewash your fabrics or not, I thought these fabric washing instructions written by Timeless Treasures the fabric manufacturer would be useful.  In partiular you can find details of how to wash and dry fabrics with metallic highlights. 


How to Wash New Fabrics


Before using new fabrics in a quilt or sewing project we suggest that you prewash or rinse them to avoid uneven shrinkage and to prevent the colors from running when the quilt is first laundered.


Individually machine wash each color of fabric in warm water, rinsing until the water runs clear.  Do not wash more than five or six metres at a time, and be sure to unfold the fabric before washing so there’s no rubbing along the fold line.


To prevent unnecessary wrinkling, do not put more than five metres of fabric in the dryer at one time.  Tumble dry on a low setting until almost dry, then check the fabric for wrinkling.  If it is wrinkled, remove from dryer and iron dry.  Continue tumbling unwrinkled fabric until dry.


For fabrics with metallic highlights, machine wash as above using a gentle cycle and warm water.  Tumble-dry on a low setting.  Do not use laundry products containing brighteners.


Die cut Patches: Separate small fabrics into groups of the same color and then soak the groups to preshrink.  If the color bleeds, repeat until the water runs clear.  Put the pieces on cotton toweling to dry.  Do not machine wash or put in dryer, since this may cause them to unravel or fray.

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