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New Year Sewing Resolutions

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  December 30, 2014

So it is just a couple of days until New Year and I always find myself racking my brain to think of one or more resolutions to try to keep for the New Year.  If you too are struggling to think of anything, I've created a list specially for sewers!    Let me know if you manage to keep any or have any more suggestions... 

1.  Try to finish a sewing project before starting the next.

2.  Keep sewing box tidy.

3.  Make time to sew something for yourself and not just your family!

4.  Try a new sewing technique.

5.  Get sewing machine serviced.

6.  Keep fabric stash tidy.

7.  Make yourself a dress.

8.  Sew more!


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