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Frozen Fabric

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  January 13, 2015

Few parents of young children will have missed the frenzy following the release of the film Frozen. I finally sat down and watched it at Christmas and can see why it has captured everyone's imagination.  A great storyline, strong. and likeable characters and very memorable (perhaps too memorable) songs.  Now hugely popular there is now an insatiable demand for 'Frozen' stuff - lunch bags, toys, books and clothes.  

I'm really excited that we have managed to source some Frozen themed cotton fabric   It is in huge demand and apparently there are 2 cotton mills in the US simply dedicated to printing the fabric to try to keep up.  The first two designs are arriving shortly should be in stock by the end of this week (18th Jan 2015).   We've also got more designs arriving in February.

I think they've created some great designs.  And one even has a bit of sparkle!



These fabrics are licensed for home use only.

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