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Girls like Pirates Too!

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  February 02, 2015

I was so excited when I finally found a children's fabric that features girl pirates.  Ahoy Matey by Windham has just arrived in stock.  As well as being a great design, it is the first fabric that I have seen that features girl pirates.  So often we can refer to general sterotypes that girls like fairies, unicorns, princesses and dolls - and don't like cars, trains space and pirates.  In reality, girls will be very individual and probably like a whole range of different things that may be perceived as typically for boys or typically for girls.

I too have been guilty of assuming that some fabric designs are just for boys and some are just for girls when launching this fabric site -  and I am making some amendments to reflect the reality that it sends out the wrong message to children that certain designs are only suitable for boys or girls or vice versa.  

There is a campaign which has been covered in the national press at the moment called Let Cothes be Clothes which campaigns for unisex clothes for children rather then gender specific marketing.  They have been targeting large retailers such as Marks and Spencer and John Lewis and seem to be making some headway into changing these large companies approach to the design and marketing of children's clothes.  

Anyway I would be really interested in your thoughts on the issues above.  Let me know the designs that your sons or daughter's love - and we will try and get them in stock.  

Below are the two new fabrics from Windham.

 Ahoy Matey - Pink                                  Ahoy Matey - White





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