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Lost sewing foot

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  February 12, 2015

And other excuse for my not finishing my sewing projects

I have been making a Spiderman shirt for my son for many weeks.  In fact it has been nearly finished for many weeks and is sat waiting for me to sew on some buttons.   But I seem to have had a mental block in getting it finished...


Firstly I didn't have the right buttons.. so just before Christmas I bought some black buttons to contrast with the red of the shirt.   I was too busy to do any sewing over Christmas however and so put them away somewhere safe!  I now cannot remember where that safe place is.   

Then I couldn't find the right sewing foot for my Brother sewing machine.. it has taken me a while to find a company which has them in stock and I finally got round to ordering a new one this weekend. 


The lost buttons have unfortunately failed to turn up and so I have now bought 3 more..


So now I have no excuses.  I have the foot, the buttons and the nearly finished shirt - I just need to get on and finish it.  

Then I can start on my next project.  (I am thinking of a skirt for me).  






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