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Make a Christmas Mat

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  December 17, 2015

I seem to be ahead on my Christmas preparations this year, with most of my presents bought or on their way so I found myself with a bit of time to make a festive Christmas mat with some of my left over strips. 

To make the mat using my rotary cutter  I first cut out a number of strips all the same length but differing widths.  These fabric strips are all approximately 20 cm long - you can make them longer or shorter depending on the size of mat that you want.

You can use as many or as few designs as you wish.  I then laid them out to create an attractive design - as per the picture below. 

With right sides together I then sewed each strip together into a single piece.   I then cut out and sewed on the borders - I've used Dashwood's Snowflake fabric - it really brings out the red of the rest of the fabrics and gives it a real festive feel.  Once I had a single piece I then pinned it to  the wadding and backing fabric - as per the picture below.  


 I then quilted it to sew it all together.  It is such a small mat that it didn't take long... then trimmed and neatened all the edges, added some bias binded that I made and hand sewed it on while watching Strictly Come Dancing.  

Here is the finished result.  Now I just need my Christmas guests to arrive!



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