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Getting Started on Social Media for Craft Businesses

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  September 28, 2017

Crafty ways to get heard on Social Media

By Michelle Charman

Imagine having a beautifully bespoke crafty shop, in a location where over 2 billion people stroll by everyday. All sorts of people, people with different backgrounds, of different ages, with different likes and dislikes. All of them in the same place, chatting, looking; engaging with friends and strangers, businesses, groups, communities and individuals.

Then imagine being able spot the very people, who are most likely to want to buy what you’re selling. Imagine being able to call out to those people and say “Hey, over here, stop and have a look, tell us what you think, show us your favourite things, join in our conversation”.

If you can identify the right people, your sort of people, people who like what you like and like what you have, then they will hear you.

This all sounds totally amazing and you are probably asking yourself “If it’s this simple, why isn’t EVERYONE using social media to market their business?”

They are!

Well, almost everyone and that’s the problem.

You can call out to exactly the right people you want to attract, but lots of other people and businesses will be trying to get their attention too, all at the same time.

Sew, how do you get attention?

Firstly, it’s important to know your customers, know the type of people who are most likely to what to wear your clothes and fill their house with your bespoke, handmade products. You need to know, where they live, whether they have children, what books they read, where they shop, what interests they have, how old/young they are, what groups they belong to, where they work and what they do in their spare time.

The more you get to know your potential customers, the better. People are tremendously good at adapting to new surroundings. Logging on to the internet is like stepping out into the busiest village you can imagine, with everyone saying hello, telling you what they have done that morning, what they have planned that afternoon, what they ate for dinner the night before. Every second there are thousands of people trying to convince you that you are missing out on something amazing.

If you listened to everyone, you’d probably have a breakdown. Simply stepping outside or opening an ‘app’ would send you screaming off into the distance looking for a remote retreat, or quiet craft shed, far away from anyone.

Once you found your place of solace, you’d never want to come out again, until of course you realised that you had no material left, you’d run out of cotton and there were no fabulously soft, colourful cushions to brighten your day and you had no refreshing, mind restoring green tea bags never-mind vintage tea cups to drink it from.

Luckily, the human brain adapts very quickly and can filter messages, images and text super quickly, knowing in milliseconds whether something is ‘spam,’ irrelevant to you at that moment or potentially of interest.  It sorts information into junk, inbox and clutter far quicker and more precisely than any computer can ever do.

The better you know your customer, the more likely you will be able to create content that will trigger the brain into believing, in that minute millisecond, what you have to say is of interest.

Ways to engage with people, without giving them the needle

The brain knows straight away if it’s owner is being sold to. If someone is looking to buy something very specific, say a new frying pan, with blue enamel and they see a picture of the very thing, among a thousand other messages, the brain will immediately set off the alarm bells.  However, a lot of things we buy are opportunistic purchases. They are not things we need or go out looking for, they are things we come across, things we see in context while looking at something else or things that have been recommended to us by a friend.

They are things that trigger an emotion, things that make us feel at home, that make us feel special and unique.

You are not simply looking for customers who want to buy your product, you are looking for people who LOVE what you make, people who will appreciate your skills and get pleasure from owing that object.

Everything you post on social media, must reinforce this feeling, but it’s a slow burn, the best relationships develop over time and consistency is key.

Patterns that work

  • Be imaginative

What sort of things, catch your eye? What piqued your interest today?

  • Be original

What makes you different, what makes you stand out, be proud of your talent, use it.

  • Be consistent

Tell people what you stand for and make sure that comes across every time you post a comment, image or blog. Don’t confuse your followers by trying different approaches.

  • Be yourself

People buy from people they like. Let your personality shine!

About the author

  Michelle Charman is a Publisher, Storyteller and freelance Social media manager. She seeks out, creates and shares fabulous content of all types (words, images, video) to engage readers and captivate audiences. After working for several large publishing organisations, she now has her own publishing company and helps small businesses grow their followers on a range of social media channels.



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