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Glow in the Dark Halloween Fabrics - newly arrived

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  April 25, 2017

Halloween celebrations seem to be growing each year influenced by the popularity of the event in the United States.  Many of our fabric designers are based in the US and they do not disappoint when it comes to designing Halloween fabrics for children.  We have just received our first shipment of Halloween fabrics for the 2017 season from Blank Quilting and they will certainly inspire you to be creative with your Halloween sewing.  Called Ready Set Glow tthis collection features only glow in the dark cotton fabrics.  They fabrics showcase ghosts, spiders, bats, spiders and spider webs.  Four of the fabrics are on a black cotton background and one fabric is on a deep purple background.

I think these will be very popular which children and although it may seem early to be thinking about Halloween it is amazing how fast it will come around. 

Below are pictures and links to our new Halloween fabrics.  All our now available for sale on our website... hope you like them.  See our full range of Halloween fabrics here.

Ready Set Glow Ghosts

Featuring Glow in the dark ghosts and a spookily written Boo.  This will be a great fabric for Halloween outfits, trick or treat bags, bunting or table runners... See Ready Set Glow Ghosts fabric here..

Ready Set Glow Bats

These spooky glow in the dark bats will create an impression this Halloween.  Take a look at this fun glow in the dark Halloween fabric here.

Ready Set Glow Skeletons

I love these spooky glow in the dark skeletons.  A fun fabric for children's Halloween sewing.  See our spooky skeleton fabric here.

Ready Set Glow Halloween Fabric Spider and Web

This striking Halloween fabric will scare all your visitors this Halloween. See this spooky spider fabric here.

Ready Set Glow Spiders Purple

This creepy Halloween fabric features glow in the dark spiders on a purple cotton background... See this spider fabric here.

I hope you liked this new collection of Halloween fabrics.  more will be arriving of the next few months.  You can see our full range of Halloween fabrics here. 

That's all for now.  Please do get in touch if you would like any more information about our Halloween fabrics or our fabrics for children.

Janet - Sparkly Fabric

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