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New delivery of Timeless Treasures Fabrics for Children

posted  by Janet McCormack  on  May 09, 2017

Rainbow fabric, Space Fabric & Unicorn Fabric.

We have been very busy adding to our website our latest fabric delivery which arrived last week.  There are a number of fresh new designs that I know you and your children will love.

Unicorns Fabric by Michael Searle

We have been completely blown away by this vivid fabric by Michael Searle.  It features elegant unicorns flying in the mountains.  With bright colours, rainbows, and snow capped mountains it is simply stunning.

Rainbows and Clouds by Michael Searle

Another stunning addition to our rainbow collection is Rainbows and Clouds designed by Michael Searle.  

Bright and colourful,  think it would make a lovely dress or skirt.

Rainbows on Black

If you want something a bit darker, take a look at Rainbows on black.  A really striking fabric that kids will love.

Mini Unicorns Fabric - Pink

We are so excited that Timeless Treasures have relaunched their mini fabric range.  The first of these fabrics has arrived in stock and features miniature unicorns on a pink cotton background.  It is selling out fast so grab it while you can.  We also have mini foxes, mini owls mini cats and dogs and mini space rockets on order from Timeless Treasures.  We are hoping they will arrive in stock in July/August.  I will feature them all on the blog shortly.  

 Twinkling Stars

This bright space fabric from Timeless Treasures features colourful stars floating in space.  A really popular addition to our space fabric collection.  




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